How to create a character...

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How to create a character...

Post  Dawn on Thu Jun 05, 2008 8:34 pm

To create a character for the RPG, first you have to get a picture from Photobucket, that looks like your character,
like this: <<Dawn - Write your character's name, then, its Pokemon. Your character HAS to have Pokemon. Like this >> Piplup LV100; Buneary LV100; Pachirisu LV100; Buizel LV100. Your Pokemon CANNOT be LV100 until you comelete the quest for the Golden Amulate and AND ALL OF THE OTHER QUESTS.

So, your final product would be like this:

Name: Dawn
Pokemon: Piplup LV100; Buneary LV75; Pachirisu LV80; Buizel LV80
Completed Quests: Golden Amulate; Secret of the Legendary Cave; Turnback Cave; The Hunt for the missing Pikachu



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